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Classical Nahuatl


From Spanish firma.


  1. A signature.
    • 1586: testimony of Don Juan
      auh yn don diego de velasco ynic quineltilia huel ymatica quitlalia yn ifirma yhuã ytoca
      (But to verify it don Diego de Velasco with his very own hand places here his signature and name.)
    • 1645: sale of house and land by Agustín de Santiago to Juan Gómez Monteagudo, Spaniard, and wife
      ypanpa nican nictlallia nofirma
      (wherefore I set down here my signature)
    • 1720: confirmation of the status of fields belonging to Santa Elena
      ca nican tictlalia yn tofirma
      (Here we set down our signatures)


  • Nahuas and Spaniards: Postconquest Central Mexican History and Philology

Crimean Tatar


firma - signature of a company.


firma (more common word is şirket)
  1. firm (company).



Useinov-Mireev 2002}}



Extensive Definition

Globes is a Hebrew language daily evening financial newspaper, published in Israel. It does not have any direct competition in print, however The Marker, the business section of the Haaretz daily, is Globess main rival. furthermore, in the online section the competition is much bigger, and the business-economic website of "Bizportal" is taking a chunk of the market segment.

Globes sections

  • G - The main weekend insert.
  • Nadlan - The weekly real estate insert (Sundays).
  • Lady Globes - A monthly magazine insert devoted to women also sold separately on newstands.


Firma (in Hebrew: פירמה, גלובס) is a monthly magazine-style insert, established in 1996, which covers the fields of Advertising, Communication and Marketing in the Middle East as well as world economy and finance concerning Israel.
Firma had published various stories and interviews with key people such as Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, politician Dalia Itzik, Head of the Israeli Post office, American Apparel founder Dov Charney, Ehud Ulmert, Binyamin Netanyahu and more.
Some of Firmas writers are throughout the years were journalists and publicists Joshua Simon, Ari Libsker, Nimrod Kamer, Oren Persico, Yael Shamam and Yoni Raz Portugali. It is edited by Yael Shacham and Roy Arad.
Firmas production manager is Ms. Galia Spring-Betser.

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